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Solar as a Service

A smarter way to do solar

Solar as a Service

Give Us Your Roof…
And We’ll Give You Clean Energy.

With UrbanVolt’s smart Solar as a Service, your business can generate 100% clean, renewable energy from your roof for no upfront investment. UrbanVolt take care of the cost, design, installation & maintenance while you enjoy the benefits of 100% renewable green power – at a lower cost than the fossil fuels we replace. Future proof your business with Solar as a Service and secure your energy independence.


No Upfront Cost Urbanvolt

No Capex

No Maintenance Needed

No Maintenance

No Risk

No Risk

Access your solar data... Anywhere, Anytime

Introducing our cutting-edge solar UrbanVolt app! We asked & listened to our valued customers to deliver a bespoke and tailored platform for all of our clients. Our app & desktop platform is meticulously crafted so you can access your solar data and share your progress with the world. Monitor your panels’ performance in real-time, track your energy production, and stay informed about your environmental impact. Need a report on your performance? Download easily in seconds!

Monitoring System Urbanvolt

What Our Customers Asked Us

What is ‘Solar as a Service?’

To us, it means standing behind our work and guaranteeing the outcomes for business
owners like you. It allows access to innovative solar technology that can be paid for in a
way that makes sense to your business. It also represents an ongoing commitment – we
will finance, install, maintain the equipment, actively monitor performance, and be there
before something goes wrong.

For you: it means tackling your sustainability goals faster. Technology for panels is
evolving so rapidly and by availing of the as a service model, it means you will always
have access to quality & innovation.

Solar PPA Explainer

Solar PPA is an arrangement in which your business allows a company to install a solar system on the property. Instead of leasing or purchasing the system, the business owner only pays for the power they use. PPAs range in length, but they can be as long as the lifetime of the panels on the building. See more information on our blog here

Does solar produce energy on cloudy days?

People often ask what happens to energy production from our solar on cloudy days. On a typical clear, sunny day, the system’s power graph forms a bell curve with the highest energy production around noon, when the sunshine is greatest. On a cloudy day, the sun’s rays make their way through rain and clouds and power production is still quite high. The amount of electricity generated is dependent on the density of cloud coverage but ultimately – yes solar still produces energy on cloudy days (good news for us in Ireland!)

What do you need from my business to get started?

To get the most accurate price for your energy needs, we need your 15/30 minute data from your energy provider. Alternatively, to get an estimate price, we can work with 12 month’s electricity bills. We also need the MIC and confirmation of your Eircode so we can determine your roof size. This information will allow our sales team to qualify your business & prepare a bespoke proposal.

What rate per kWh do you get for a solar PPA?

Rates differ for every customer based on system size, available roof space, type of roof structure and energy needs. To date this year, the average rate per kWh we have offered is 0.14c per kWh. Imagine locking in a rate like that for decades to come!

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Our Happy Clients

Manhattan Peanuts case study
Finglas, Co. Dublin

Manhattan Peanuts is an iconic Irish brand based in Finglas, Co. Dublin. Founded in 1957, it is a family-owned and managed business. Sustainability has been a huge part of the company’s journey, from packaging to looking at a renewable energy source for the factory. UrbanVolt worked to install a solar array throughout the pandemic and helped Manhattan on their sustainability journey. We are proud to be a clean energy partner to an exemplary brand.

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