UrbanVolt is about more than just Light as a Service (LaaS®).

We are committed to making it easy for our clients to become more sustainable and every team members strives to delivers a professional service.

Currently we are a growing company and every team member has an opportunity to work directly with senior management and have a real impact on the business. We are expanding internationally, and we are always looking to talk to interesting people. 

We currently have no vacant roles below, but if you’d like to be an UrbanVolter, get in touch regardless.

Some of our best hires have started with a chat and a coffee.

And please ensure that your resume / CV is only 1 page long, accompanied by a 1 page cover letter. Resumes which are longer than 1 page will be automatically disqualified.

Open Positions

Where do I send my details?

Email your CV / resume and cover letter to

Please ensure that each are only 1 page long each.

Can I send a CV which is longer than 1 page?

You can – but you will be automatically disqualified from our recruitment process.

You can read why here.

Do I need to include a cover letter?

Yes. And our advice is not to give us a synopsis of your CV.

Tell us a little more about you and how you might be able to help grow UrbanVolt.

What is your recruitment process?

If we think you might be a fit for the vacant role, we will call you for a culture fit interview.

You will meet with people outside of the department where you would potentially be working.

For a second interview, you would meet with your potential line manager.

Are there other roles available?

Interested to work with UrbanVolt but don’t see any vacant roles for you?

Get in touch anyway.

We move fast and are always looking to hire smart people on to our team. Perhaps a role hasn’t yet been advertised – or perhaps you have skills we didn’t even know we need.

So send us your CV and cover letter – and remember, 1 page each only!