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McGowans Print

McGowans Print is one of Europe’s leading printing facilties. First to market – not only in Ireland but in Europe – McGowans operate over 25 digital printing presses using the latest digital technologies. The company works over a vast number of substrates in large and small format, with production runs from one to many thousand. Owner Mal McGowan has always been passionate about sustainability and UrbanVolt’s solar as a service model made perfect sense for the business. The solar array installed by UrbanVolt will provide 25% of the company’s energy needs annually.

If we’re not investing in the infrastructure of our building it allows us then to invest in what we’re good at, which is printing

Mal McGowan, McGowans Print

Mcgowans Print

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August 31, 2023 in Company News

Solar-as-a-Service leader UrbanVolt announces €26 million investment from Verdane to facilitate European expansion

Pictured from left to right: Reed Snyder, Principal at Verdane, Fredrika Svanholm, Senior Associate at Verdane and Kevin Maughan, co-founder and CEO of UrbanVolt. UrbanVolt, the Solar-as-a-Service market leader, has…
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