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+ What is UrbanVolt, and what do you do?

Our mission at UrbanVolt is to radically reduce global energy consumption by upgrading businesses to energy efficient LED lighting. We achieve this by making LED technology both attractive and accessible to the world’s largest energy consumers, who are our clients in the industrial and manufacturing sector, through our Light as a Service (LaaS) model.

+ Light as a Service? What's that?

UrbanVolt's Light as a Service is the one stop solution to your industrial lighting needs.

It includes every aspect of a lighting upgrade from start to finish: that’s capital investment, project management, and maintenance for 5 years too. This makes it a simple process for you, and allows you to focus on your core business. It's the smarter alternative to buying.

+ How is UrbanVolt paid?

UrbanVolt gets paid through a monthly subscription charge. Most of our clients find that our cash flow positive model means their monthly savings on their electricity bill more than covers the cost of their subscription. Payment commences one month after your installation is complete.

Our service agreements range from five to ten years, depending on your business requirements.

+ Is this a lease?

This is not a lease, nor is it financed lighting. There are absolutely no interest charges embedded in our service fees and our offering is completely off-balance sheet for your company, so it won’t impact your financial covenants or borrowing capacity in the future.

+ How do you price my project?

Every project is unique, so our service charge varies depending on your lighting requirements, running hours and industry.

Call us on +353 1 699 3340 to get a customized quote in minutes.

+ I see maintenance is included. How does that work?

If a fitting fails, UrbanVolt are responsible for its repair — no questions asked.

Our Installation and Maintenance agreement states that we must replace a failure inside 30 days or the customer can postpone that month’s service charge, until the issue is resolved. We are confident, given the very low failure rate of our fittings, that this will never be an issue.

+ What happens if I don’t see the savings?

At your request, we can install measurement and verification equipment to prove your energy savings. If the annual savings (based on the information you provided) are not achieved, then we will pay you the difference.

+ Will this impact my insurance?

Every UrbanVolt project is fully insured by the world's largest reinsurance company, Munich Re. This covers theft, fire, failure or damage to your lights. In some cases, clients may see a reduction in their overall insurance costs.

+ Why would I not just buy the lights directly, and get all the savings myself?

Good question. UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service offering is indeed not the right option for every business. For example, it’s not suitable for those with a short term lease on their premises, as our agreement is over a five year term. Additionally, it’s not suitable for smaller companies. If you have less than 50 lights, it is advisable to replace your lights as they fail rather than opt for Light as a Service.

Light as a Service is well suited to larger projects, as it removes all operational and financial risk for the client. Buying lights directly in this case would incur a huge upfront capital expense. Although you may have the capital to fund such a project, there’s no arguing the fact that it could be invested better elsewhere, rather than buying a depreciating asset. Instead, UrbanVolt puts up all the capital investment and retains ownership of the light fittings over the five year term, so that you have zero financial risk.

UrbanVolt’s model also removes the need for you to carry out the 75 point project management plan of an effective LED upgrade, and avoids any maintenance headaches — as both project management and maintenance are included in our monthly service charge.

+ I'm interested in upgrading my facility to LED. What's the next step?

Great! Call us on +353 (01) 699 3340 or email getstarted@urbanvolt.com. We'll discuss your specific lighting requirements and see how best we can meet your needs.