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How It Works


Zero CapEx
UrbanVolt upgrade your facilities to energy efficient LED lighting for no capital outlay. Payment is structured as a monthly service charge, and is financed by the energy savings. You realize the financial benefits of the LED upgrade from the outset.


Full Project Management
Our experienced Project Managers ensure the seamless installation of the LED fittings, avoiding disruption to on-site operations. You can remain focused on your core business – your lighting project is in expert hands.

Maintenance Included
UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service offering includes ongoing maintenance and replacement as required. Your existing costs of maintaining and replacing defective lights are eliminated.



Syncreon is one of the world’s leading logistics companies, operating in over 100 locations worldwide. They have partnered with UrbanVolt to upgrade a number of their global portfolio of sites.

The company was eager to avail of the cost and CO2 reductions available through upgrading a 180,000 square feet warehouse to LED lighting. However, upgrading a warehouse of such scale to LED lighting would incur significant capital expense. Syncreon sought an innovative and scalable solution that would allow it to reap the benefits of upgrading to LED, without capital expenditure on a depreciating asset. The project would also have to avoid disruption to site operations.

UrbanVolt project managed the retrofit of the entire premises with investment-grade LED lighting. In two weeks 1,181 fittings were replaced with 797 custom-made LED light fittings, with the installation team working at night and weekends to minimize disruption.

UrbanVolt took care of every aspect of the project from start to finish, enabling Syncreon employees to focus on what matters most: their core business.

To be honest, I didn’t really notice UrbanVolt
working here on site. They were very flexible
with their working times.
— Syncreon SIte Manager


Led Fixtures Installed


442,851 kWh
Annual Energy Reduction


Average Light Level Improvement


360 Acres of Forestry
Equivalent Annual CO2 Reduction


Energy Cost Reduction


Zero Hours Disruption
Out of Hours Installation


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