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Smart businesses that need new lights use UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service. Upgrade your facility with brand new LED lights, saving you 75% on your energy bill overnight. There is no upfront cost and you just pay us a monthly service fee from the savings that we generate. Even better, we take care of all the ongoing maintenance. The future of light is UrbanVolt.


UrbanVolt provided Cargotec with a zero capex LaaS® LED installation which was project managed from start to finish

We Make Everything Easy.


With UrbanVolt, you can upgrade your commercial lighting to energy-saving LEDs with zero capital investment. We provide all the lights and manage the entire project from start to finish with no upfront investment. You save 75% on your energy bill and our monthly subscription fee comes out of the savings. We think that’s fair.

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Light as a Service


Get a simple price per square foot


Guaranteed light levels up to 1,000Lx


Big or small – we’ve got a solution for you


Price ‘per space’ in less than 10 seconds


Transparent Pricing

UrbanVolt’s LaaS® platform uses advanced data analytics to determine your current energy consumption and create your new LED proposal in seconds. All we need from you is your postal code and the size of your building.

Peace of Mind

We replace any light that fails during the duration of our service agreement. It is underwritten by a AAA-rated insurance company and if you add our optional measurement software, we will guarantee your energy savings too.


Tired of contractors parking in your space? Now that we will be handling all the maintenance on your new LED lights, you will never have to see electrical contractor vans parked around your site again.

Experience Matters

With thousands of successful client projects comes vast amounts of experience. From small offices to large steel mills; we have seen it all. We guarantee that your business won’t be disrupted during the project.

Choose a Plan

Choose a plan that’s right for your business.

Single Site

UrbanVolt streamlines the entire process of getting a new LED lighting upgrade with a paperless, end-to-end solution.

We carry out the data analysis, project management and installation; allowing you to focus on running your business.

Multi Site

Compliance and uniformity across multiple properties: that’s what we deliver for our multi-site clients every day. We create a corporate profile for your group, making it easy for local business unit managers to gain approval for each site individually.


Delivering on global CSR initiatives: UrbanVolt makes it easy for Enterprise clients to roll out global CSR initiatives across diverse property portfolios in a compressed period of time. Because we handle everything, there is no distraction for business units or their managers.

Case Study

Dublin City University (DCU)

DCU were extending their Innovation Campus into a building which had been unoccupied for several years. The LED lighting upgrade was part of that building upgrade. Light levels were important to DCU as the site was to become a shared office space for their clients and a premier working environment was required.

Through UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service®, the upfront capital for the lighting project was provided and the LED installation was project-managed from start to finish. Uniform light levels were achieved across the site to make the location fit for purpose. The LEDs will also be maintained for DCU as part of the UrbanVolt’s LaaS® no-haggle maintenance guarantee.

The result has been improved light levels, lower energy consumption, and lower energy bills.

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Mike FinnZimmer Biomet

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“Anybody who has a lot of lights, talk to UrbanVolt. I can’t say enough good things about them and the project.”

Tom LarneyCargotec (HIAB)

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