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The planet is running out of time - so we’re helping large companies do the right thing

It has been almost impossible for multi-site warehousing companies to roll out efficiencies at scale.

Until now.

Via Dataful™, the UrbanVolt technology platform, companies can instantly assess how much energy they are using, and how much they can save. These companies can then use our expertise to deliver energy saving projects at their sites around the world.

Our mission? To take your warehouses off the grid.


We start with lighting. Here’s it works:


Call us on +353 1 699 3340 and answer three easy questions to get a price in minutes. No heavy sales pitch, no hassle.


This is probably your first lighting project, but we’ve done thousands. Our project managers minimize any interruption to your business.


Your building is transformed. Brighter, safer and more productive. And we maintain everything for the next 10 years.



Instant pricing, no sales pitch.

Download our Android app for a Dataful invitation and instantly gather your multi-site data.
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Your LaaS™ monthly payment is calculated according to your unique lighting and industry requirements.

Call us and answer three easy questions about your buildings. We can give you an immediate monthly cost for our Light as a Service for those buildings, as well as the potential savings to be made.

Quick & Easy
The record for a quote for a single building is 1 min 38 secs.

Your monthly payment is all-inclusive. No hidden fees.

We can immediately customize the results of your site.

If your company qualifies, you will receive an invitation to Dataful™ so you can instantly gather data on all your sites.

Once you have your price, we can send it as a PDF quote sheet.

Once you have your price, we can send it as a PDF quote sheet.



What our clients say about us


Cargotec is a truly global company, employing 11,000 people in 45 countries. They enable smarter cargo flow with their leading cargo handling solutions and services.

Cargotec partnered with UrbanVolt to transform their manufacturing plant using Light as a Service.


UrbanVolt clients save more than 55,000,000 kWh of electricity every year.

That’s like…