The Future of Light is UrbanVolt

For smart businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint, UrbanVolt makes everything about an LED lighting upgrade easy. Unlike traditional lighting companies, UrbanVolt funds the installation cost in return for a proportion of the savings.

We Make Everything Easy.

Simple, transparent pricing and your savings are guaranteed.

UrbanVolt allows you to upgrade your commercial lighting to energy-saving LEDs with zero capital investment. We provide all the capital and manage the entire project from start to finish. You save 75% on your energy bill and you pay us out of the savings. We think that’s fair.

Our experienced data analysis team will determine your current lighting consumption and cost. And we will then deliver you an LED Business Case.

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Peace of Mind.

Every UrbanVolt project comes with a 5 year ‘no haggle’ warranty, including on-site replacement labour costs and all routine maintenance. Add optional insurance and get your annual energy savings guaranteed, as well as access to real-time energy monitoring. We bundle it all into one simple, transparent monthly service charge.

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Because we handle all the maintenance, UrbanVolt’s LaaS® gives you the freedom to focus on your core business knowing that there will be no unexpected maintenance bills ever again.

Energy Savings Guarantee

If you don’t get the savings we promise, you stop paying. That’s our Energy Savings Guarantee.

We Make It Easy For You

UrbanVolt’s LaaS® uses advanced data and analytics to determine your current energy consumption, not just the price of your project. You get an immediate proposal and detailed business case for your UrbanVolt project.

Peace of Mind

All our projects come with project insurance issued by AAA- rated insurance company. They cover all the labor costs too. Add optional measurement & verification software and get the energy savings guaranteed for the first 5 years.

We Understand Your Business.

Choose a plan that’s right for your business.

Single Site

UrbanVolt streamlines the entire process of getting a new LED lighting upgrade with a paperless, end-to-end solution.

We carry out the data analysis, project management and installation, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Multi Site

Compliance and uniformity: We make it easy to deliver uniformity across all your locations and allow your local business unit managers to gain approval for each site individually.


Delivering on global CSR initiatives: UrbanVolt makes it easy for Enterprise clients to roll out their global CSR initiatives across their entire property portfolio in a compressed period of time. Because we handle everything, there will be no distraction for your business units or their managers.

Trusted by Big Companies.

We work with the world’s most innovative companies to reduce their global energy footprint and accelerate their transition to sustainability.

“A solution to a problem, with no initial capital outlay and immediate cost savings via LED.”

Mike FinnZimmer Biomet

“The LED revolution is finally here. Excellent quality and light output paired with annual cost savings and no capital investment…. UrbanVolt is a dream come true.”

Olga HughesCartamundi

“UrbanVolt have been exemplary and anyone interested in upgrading their LED lighting should give UrbanVolt a call.”

Dean RobinsPipelife International

“Anybody who has a lot of lights, talk to UrbanVolt. I can’t say enough good things about them and the project.”

Tom LarneyCargotec (HIAB)

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