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We help the world’s largest energy users to rapidly reduce their carbon footprint.

By using our Dataful app, our clients can instantly calculate the energy consumption via lighting in their warehouse. And they can also instantly determine the energy and cash savings to be made.

Dataful means our clients can gather the data on hundreds of sites and move quickly to improve their efficiency.

It’s good for the environment and for our clients bottom line.


How does it work?


Via our invite-only Dataful app, our clients can instantly calculate how much energy and cash is being spent on their warehouse lighting. We then carry out an LED lighting upgrade via our zero capex Light as a Service (LaaS™) model.

With UrbanVolt’s unique and award winning LaaS™ our clients get light by subscription. No money down, no financial risk, no project or maintenance headaches, and CFOs love that our service offering is off-balance sheet.

We offer this service to large companies who carry out multi-site projects and who are as committed as we are to driving down harmful emissions.


Call us on +353 1 699 3340 or email to tell us a little about your business.


If your business qualifies, we will send you an invitation to our Dataful app which will allow you to instantly gather site data.


Commit to working carrying out LED lighting upgrades on a bundle of your sites. There is no capital involved, only benefits.

Everybody’s got questions…

If we haven’t answered yours, please get in touch and one of our humans will be happy to speak with you.


How does the Dataful app work?

We have manually surveyed thousands of buildings and gathered a huge volume of data. Using that information, we have built an app which allows us to calculate your current lighting energy consumption and cost using just a few pieces of information. Our app also instantly calculates your expected future energy consumption and cost once you upgrade to LED.

What information does Dataful need?

Just four pieces of information which you should have to hand. These are; building size; ceiling height; what you pay for electricity; and operating hours.

Why is Dataful invite only?

UrbanVolt’s mission is to have a meaningful impact on CO2 emissions and the climate crisis. As a planet, we have to move faster to reduce energy consumption so we work with the world’s largest companies and warehouses. This means we can help our clients deliver a significant drop in energy usage. The more energy savings we help our clients make, the better it is for the planet. And for all of us.

How does UrbanVolt get paid?

UrbanVolt gets paid through a monthly subscription charge. Most of our clients find that our cash flow positive model means their monthly savings on their electricity bill more than covers the cost of their subscription. Payment commences one month after your installation is complete.

Our service agreements range from five to ten years, depending on your business requirements.

Is this a lease?

This is not a lease, nor is it financed lighting. There are absolutely no interest charges embedded in our service fees and our offering is completely off-balance sheet for your company, so it won’t impact your financial covenants or borrowing capacity in the future.

How do you price my project?

Your service fee is determined by your specific lighting requirements (light levels, operating hours, industry). Call us on +353 1 699 3340 to get access to Dataful, and begin your transition to sustainability.

What is UrbanVolt’s responsibility to me?

If a light fixture fails for any reason, UrbanVolt is responsible for its replacement — no questions asked. If we don’t replace a failure within 30 days, you can postpone all payment until the issue is resolved.

What happens if I don’t get the savings?

At your request, we can install measurement and verification equipment to prove your energy savings. If the annual savings (based on the information you provided) are not achieved, then we will pay you the difference.

Will this impact my insurance?

As the lighting assets are ours, we provide insurance cover for theft, fire, failure or damage to your lights. In some cases, clients may see a reduction in their overall insurance costs.

Is UrbanVolt the right fit for me?

UrbanVolt’s LaaS™ offering doesn’t work for everybody. Some companies prefer to buy depreciating assets (we don’t really know why). If that’s the case with your company, then UrbanVolt may not be the right choice for you.