We make clean energy affordable.

UrbanVolt is a clean energy partner that specialises in the provision of sustainable light and power. We upgrade industrial facilities with LED lighting and generate solar energy for no money down.

We offer Solar as a Service to commercial and industrial businesses. We supply and install a solar array at your site at absolutely no cost to you. Pay us for the energy you need, and we'll take care of the rest.

Need new lights? We have upgraded thousands of facilities across the world to energy efficient LED lighting, via our zero capex Light as a Service.

We specialise in clean energy, on your roof and under it.
We specialise in clean energy, on your roof and under it.

We supply and install LED lights for no money down.

You're signing an agreement that outsources all aspects of the lighting requirement for your buildings. That includes:

  • Optimising lighting design to meet all regulatory light levels, while maximising energy reduction.
  • Project managing the installation. We'll liaise with site management to ensure minimal disruption to business. This involves working nights/weekends/holidays if necessary. 
  • Installing new light fittings in accordance with the agreed lighting design.
  • Recycling old fittings in a registered facility.
  • Maintaining fittings for the term of our agreement. This means if a fixture fails we replace it at no cost to our customer.
Dean Robbins

“Everything has been exactly as expected. There were no hidden surprises, no catches; UrbanVolt have been exemplary. Our savings are easily 75%.”

Dean Robbins Process Engineer, Pipelife

We supply and install solar arrays.

You're signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to use the energy produced from the solar array first, any extra power you need comes from your current grid supplier. Everything listed below is included in our kWh price, there are no extras or surprises.

  • We design a solar array specific to each building.
  • We manage the planning permission process from start to finish.
  • By comparing the output of the solar array to the clients energy consumption, we optimise output to produce as much of your energy as possible.
  • We install the solar equipment and connect the solar system via inverter to your electrical board.
  • We commission the installation to ensure everything is working as it should and there are no issues or disruptions to your operations.
  • We take care of all ongoing maintenance which includes annual cleaning, swapping out of inverters etc. Remember: the power you buy is our only source of revenue from our clients, so it's in both of our interests to ensure the system is working at peak efficiency and output.​​​​​​

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