Case Studies

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet operates across more than 25 countries and is a global leader in musculoskeletal healthcare.

High-wattage fittings were operational 24/7, resulting in significant energy consumption and cost. As a medical device manufacturer, the company also has to adhere to strict FDA requirements in terms of lux levels, as well as meet stringent health and safety requirements.

Zimmer Biomet identified our Light as a Service (LaaS®) as being the answer to all its financial and operational requirements.

The installation was fully project managed by UrbanVolt, causing no disruption to the ongoing operation. The UrbanVolt LED fittings significantly reduced the wattage draw, delivering a corresponding reduction in energy cost.

The LUX levels were boosted throughout the work floor, making the environment brighter and safer.


Cargotec is a world leading provider of cargo and load handling solutions. The company decided to install a new lighting system at its manufacturing base in order to reduce energy usage and lighting costs, as well as eliminate maintenance issues and reduce their carbon footprint.

UrbanVolt project managed the installation of almost 800 LED light fittings across the plant. As well as improved lighting, their lighting bill has dropped by two-thirds. And thanks to the dramatic drop in energy consumption as a result of the more efficient lighting, there has been a reduction in their kVA, delivering additional cash savings.

A major benefit for Cargotec is also the reduction in maintenance issues and cost, as the on-site staff no longer have to upgrade and fix light fittings daily. UrbanVolt has assumed that responsibility and will maintain all the LED light fittings for five years as part of their LaaS®.


Pipelife has been producing quality goods for the plumbing, construction and agricultural sectors for over 45 years. Operating 24 hours, five days a week, the company decided to look at their lighting system because it had evolved over the years, resulting in little consistency in lighting levels across the plant. As described by staff, there were some dark spots, and a number of the fittings were very inefficient.

Sustainability is a key driver for management, along with reducing wastage and energy consumption. As part of a lighting improvement project, LED lighting was deemed to be the best option and UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service proved an attractive option.

UrbanVolt carried out the entire LED lighting retrofit, reducing the number of fittings from 150 to just over 100, improving the lighting levels, and cutting costs. Lighting levels significantly increased and energy usage also dropped from 400kWh to 150kWh. In addition, there are now zero maintenance issues as UrbanVolt maintains the fittings for duration of the LaaS® agreement.

Sports Surgery Clinic

The Sports Surgery Clinic is a state-of-the art medical facility specialising in orthopaedics and sports medicine, and attracts some of the world’s most successful athletes.

Downtime wasn’t an option in this 24 hour healthcare environment; where a reduction in the high lighting cost was the primary motivation for partnering with UrbanVolt’s LaaS®.

The Clinic had to meet all quality and light level requirements as stipulated for medical facilities. These standards were met by the UrbanVolt LED technology, with over 1,300 fittings replaced across the 12,500 sq.m facility.

The installation was carried out overnight and at weekends to ensure minimal disruption to staff and patient services. The project achieved management’s objective of reducing energy consumption and cost without making any upfront investment.


Bikeworld is a leading supplier of Kawasaki motorbikes. They also offer a wide range of biking apparel and accessories in their retail spaces.

Some areas of the showrooms were dark and the lights were failing. It was also costing the company a considerable sum to run the old high-wattage fluorescents. The window lights in particular were proving a high draw on electricity as they were lit at night in order to showcase the bikes.

Using UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service®, Bikeworld was retrofitted with almost 400 fixtures including the public showroom, storage areas, back of house and the offices. The UrbanVolt team installed the lighting outside of opening hours so as not to affect day to day operations.

Light quality has been drastically improved and energy consumption has plummeted. The bikes and gear are now under lighting which highlights their quality and Bikeworld reduced the lighting bill without making any capital expenditure.

Dublin City University (DCU)

DCU were extending their Innovation Campus into a building which had been unoccupied for several years. The LED lighting upgrade was part of that building upgrade. Light levels were important to DCU as the site was to become a shared office space for their clients and a premier working environment was required.

Through UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service®, the upfront capital for the lighting project was provided and the LED installation was project-managed from start to finish. Uniform light levels were achieved across the site to make the location fit for purpose. The LEDs will also be maintained for DCU as part of the UrbanVolt’s LaaS® no-haggle maintenance guarantee.

The result has been improved light levels, lower energy consumption, and lower energy bills.

I Pairc

I Pairc operates a growing number of car parks and wanted to reduce lighting costs, cut its energy usage, and improve the car park for both staff and customers. The three levels of the Coach Station had not been upgraded in some time and a number of light fittings were no longer working, resulting in some dark areas.

As the bus station and car park are open 24/7, it was important that there was no disruption to the thousands of commuters, workers and shoppers who avail of the facility each week. UrbanVolt project managed the installation of the 483 LED lights throughout the bus station, car park, stairwells and offices, ensuring there was no interference to the commercial operation.


Ventac is a world leader in noise control solutions for the commercial vehicle, environmental and industrial sectors.

Serving a variety of sectors worldwide from their head office, the award winning company designs and manufactures complete solutions for vehicle manufacturers and other applications. Ventac’s old lighting fixtures were consuming a lot of energy and they were keen to improve the working environment for their staff.

The company liked UrbanVolt’s off balance sheet solution and commissioned us to install their LED lighting. After analysis, it was determined that retrofitting the entire facility with UrbanVolt’s LED lighting would yield cost savings of 45% each year with no capital outlay.

The company is now enjoying improved lighting and significantly reduced energy consumption and cost.

The Brandwell Group

The Brandwell Group specialize in the design, distribution and import of branded fashion and leather handbags and accessories, as well as luggage, hosiery, sunglasses and shoes. Established over 25 years ago, the company has offices in Dublin, London and Hong Kong, and is an established supplier to large high street chains, department stores and independent retailers.

Their primary distribution center is spread across three floors with a number of services including “pick and pack”, bulk deliveries, and a customer dedicated warehouse space. There were a number of areas in the warehouse where lighting was poor. UrbanVolt retrofitted the warehouse with investment-grade LED lights, significantly increasing the light levels across the premises. As well as delivering energy and cash savings, the improved light levels throughout have reduced the amount of time people spend sourcing items in the warehouse.