Nobody gives car breakdown cover a second thought until the car breaks down. And then the driver thanks their lucky stars they have someone to get their vehicle back on the road.

So when it comes to a warranty for a new LED lighting upgrade, total cover is given, right?


A typical warranty for LED light fittings does not protect you, the purchaser. Instead it protects the manufacturer.

So forget about digging out your warranty and making a claim. If you want it to be as easy as a One Call Service to sort out your failed fitting you need to opt for a full Light as a Service (LaaS®) such as UrbanVolt’s.

But if not, you need to read the fine print of your purchased product very carefully, and be very aware of the steps you will need to take to keep the lights on in your money.

This flow-chart shows the difference between LaaS® and purchased or financed lighting.



Are you confident of meeting all these clauses if you choose to purchase LED lights?

And bear in mind, the below clause or similar is typically included in most warranties.

“For avoidance of doubt, “to replace the Product” does not include any removal or reinstallation costs or expenses, including without limitation labor costs or expenses, shipping costs to return non-conforming Products or any damages that may occur during the return of Product to Company Name.”

It is unfortunate that until most companies suffer a major lighting outtage and are reminded they can’t operate in the dark, they don’t realise how important lighting is.

By the time they do, it’s often too late.