LED lights with no money down.

With UrbanVolt’s unique Light as a Service (LaaS™) model, you get light by subscription. Our service charge includes every aspect of a lighting upgrade from start to finish: capital investment, project management, and maintenance for up to 10 years.

UrbanVolt covers all product and installation costs to upgrade your facility to energy-saving LED, giving you an 80% reduction in your utility bill. No money down, no financial risk, and it’s completely Off Balance Sheet.

How does it work?

There’s no need to expose your company to financial risk in order to upgrade your lighting. Our Agreement is structured as a service charge, not a lease, so it doesn’t affect your balance sheet. Choosing LaaS™ makes financial sense as it won’t impact your financial covenants or borrowing capacity, and also removes the need to invest in a depreciating asset.


We retain ownership and all the associated risks of the lighting equipment over the service period.


Our all-inclusive monthly service charge covers your use of our lighting equipment.


Enjoy improved light levels, lower costs, and reduced energy consumption, with all maintenance covered by your subscription.

IFRS 16 (and US GAAP Lease accounting standard - ASC 842) now requires all companies to recognize long-term leases as right-of-use assets along with commensurate lease liabilities on their balance sheets. If your balance sheet shows a substantial increase in debt from the long-term leases you will now need to recognize, the last thing you want is to add to your debt load by leasing your lighting. Highly-leveraged companies will have trouble accessing additional credit through their bank or equipment suppliers.


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Instant pricing (no sales pitch)

Your LaaS™ monthly payment is calculated according to your unique lighting and industry requirements.

Answer three easy questions about your building and our calculator will show your quote and energy savings.

Quick & Easy
The record for an online quote is currently 1 min 38 secs.

Your monthly payment is all-inclusive. No hidden fees.

Online platform allows you to customize the results.

Once you have your price, you can download it as a PDF quote sheet.

Once you have your price, you can download it as a PDF quote sheet.



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