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There are hidden costs when buying your own solar panels

The current spike in energy prices show few signs of stopping. Business owners should have an alternative energy source at the top of their sustainability and operating agendas for its reliability, its ease and low costs. Buying solar panels outright has hidden costs that business owners should be aware of.


Yes, it seems odd that cleaning should be at the top of this list. However, it is recommended that you clean your panels once every 6 months and is estimated to cost in the range of €11.50 per panel. Added up over 5 years, the maintenance fees on cleaning alone begin to mount to previously unseen levels.

 Now you’ might be asking “Well, I can just get on the roof and do it myself, couldn’t I?” In that instance, you might risk any warranty on them if you were to damage them, let alone the potential dangers of slipping and falling. Better safe than sorry.


Solar panels are designed to be durable for 20-30 years with little maintenance, making them a fantastic option for business owners to reduce their costs and carbon footprints. However, they need constant technical surveillance and dedicated personnel for them to work best. When a panel does need replacing, it can cost in the region of €275 to €375 per panel – before you’ve even factored in the labor costs associated with their installation!

Owning a Depreciating Asset

A new, exciting trend within goods industries has been the provision of assets as a service. It makes good business sense to own your assets – from the building that you use to the equipment that you depend upon. While some of these assets are important to own, solar panels do depreciate from their installation.

Extra Costs

There are plenty of other hidden fees like glint & glare reports, connections to your AC board , structural inspections – the list goes on. Costs like these that are not highlighted can rack up to €30,000 in additional expense..

UrbanVolt’s Solar As a Service Model allows consumers and businesses to avail of the benefits of a good without owning a depreciating asset. It has been used from Software to Car Leasing.

After all, it isn’t up to a dairy farmer, manufacturer, or college to also be their own renewable energy partner so why don’t we do that part for you?

Author : Will Penn | UrbanVolt