Jamie Heaslip On UrbanVolt Masters Scholarship

Former rugby international Jamie Heaslip has urged students to apply for the UrbanVolt scholarship before the deadline later this month.

UrbanVolt is offering a fully paid DCU Masters programme for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Jamie, who was an early investor in UrbanVolt and is also a DCU alum, reminded students that they must apply for their programme of choice before July 13th.

“Education plays a transformative role in so many lives and we want to give a student an opportunity to bring their education and career to the next level,” said Jamie.

“UrbanVolt started life in DCU some time ago and now the company is operating globally. So now we want to help others step up and support the next generation of innovators, leaders and business people through this DCU Masters programme.”

The recipient of the 2017/18 UrbanVolt scholarship, Laura Brady, said the scholarship has transformed her career.

Thanks to UrbanVolt’s support, Monaghan native Laura was able to pursue a Master’s degree. She chose to study HR Management with DCU Business School. She is now completing her thesis and is in final negotiations with an international company to start a new role.


Laura strongly encouraged anyone who is considering a Masters to apply.

“I wanted to study a Masters but I was worried about the cost,” she said.

“My options were to take a loan or work for a year to save the money. But I have friends who opted to work and they ended up delaying their return to college. And I didn’t want that to happen to me.”

Laura said she spent time working on her application and telling her story via a short video. And being awarded a fully paid Masters took the financial pressure away and allowed her to concentrate on her studies.

She said the fact that she is a scholarship recipient also adds to her CV.

“In my job interview we spent about 15 minutes just talking about the UrbanVolt DCU scholarship.”

“They wanted to know all about what I did, and what I said to be awarded the scholarship. They said that if I can get a scholarship with my application, they can’t wait to see what I can do when I start working with them,” Laura added.

The scholarship is open to students wishing to pursue a Master’s programme in 2018/2019 in Engineering, Computing or Business at DCU.

“We’ve very deliberately left it up to the student to choose their ideal Masters programme,” said Jamie.

“Big ideas and innovative solutions often come from people who have just entered a new field and have a different way of thinking. And we want to support a student to bring those ideas to fruition.”

He pointed to UrbanVolt as an example of a company which brought innovative thinking to an industry which had not transformed in a century. Instead of focusing on the product as the industry has typically done, UrbanVolt changed the lighting and energy services industry via its business model. It is now delivering its Light as a Service (LaaS®) across Ireland, the UK, Europe and the US.

Scholarship enquiries should be directed to [email protected] and further details on the application requirements and process can be found 

Anne James