UrbanVolt And DCU Launch Full Masters Scholarship

UrbanVolt and Dublin City University are changing the life of one student by offering them a full paid Masters programme of their choice.

The innovative energy services company launched the scholarship programme as a way to support students who have the ideas, ambition and drive to transform industries.

UrbanVolt awarded its first scholarship for the 2017/2018 academic year and it is now seeking motivated students with an innovative and entrepreneurial mind set to apply for the 2018/19 UrbanVolt Master’s Scholarship programme at DCU.

The scholarship is open to students wishing to pursue a master’s programme in Engineering, Computing or Business at DCU. Unlike other scholarships, the student can chose the field of student where have the most interest and where they feel they will have the most impact.

Speaking at the announcement of the 2018/19 scholarship in DCU, Edel Kennedy, Head of Marketing with UrbanVolt explained:

“We are looking for a student who has the passion and drive to bring a new way of thinking to solving global problems.”

“UrbanVolt began life in DCU’s Alpha innovation campus and from our own experiences, we understand that it sometimes takes an outsider to transform an industry. At UrbanVolt we didn’t come from the traditional lighting industry and it was because of that we were able transform an entire sector which hadn’t change in over a century.

We know that outsiders can sometimes see things differently, and we want to invite those innovative outsiders to apply for this scholarship.

We want to give a student the opportunity to learn and drive changes which have a direct impact on business, the environment and people’s lives. We believe strongly that investing in talented young people is the best way to achieve positive change and improve our world.”

The successful recipient will receive full fee support for a full-time taught Master’s degree programme.

This is the second year that UrbanVolt will offer this exciting scholarship opportunity and marks the renewal of a natural partnership between Ireland’s University of Enterprise and an ambitious company on a mission to transform the energy industry and accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Since its establishment in 2015, UrbanVolt has revolutionised the energy sector through their innovative Light as a Service (LaaS®) business model. The LaaS ® model sees UrbanVolt install energy saving LED lighting on a subscription basis, delivering significant reductions in energy costs for clients with no upfront expenditure, leaving companies with capital intact to invest in growing their business. The company has also recently launched its new Solar as a Service (SOLaaS®) service on the same subscription model basis.


Left to Right: Laura Brady, inaugural recipient of the UrbanVolt DCU Scholarship, Edel Kennedy, Head of Marketing with UrbanVolt and Liz Logan, Development Manager with DCU

Commenting on the renewed scholarship partnership, President of Dublin City University, Professor Brian MacCraith said:

“We are delighted to continue our deep association with UrbanVolt. The aims of this scholarship are very much consistent with our new strategic plan for 2017 to 2022 which emphasises talent development, sustainability and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity across the University.

This Master’s scholarship provides a wonderful opportunity for our graduates and demonstrates how industry and academia can work together to develop talent and find innovative solutions to real world problems.

The recipient of the 2017/18 UrbanVolt scholarship, Laura Brady, was also present to launch the call for applications for 2018/19. Thanks to UrbanVolt’s support, Monaghan native Laura was able to pursue a Master’s degree in HR Management with DCU Business School in the current academic year. Speaking at the launch, Laura strongly encouraged potential applicants to pursue the opportunity:

“I can’t thank UrbanVolt enough for the opportunity and I would advise all eligible students to apply for the scholarship this year. UrbanVolt are a very creative company and they are looking for somebody who can stand out from the crowd. For anybody thinking about applying, I would suggest they put a lot of thought, work and creativity into their application but also to be true to themselves and who they are.”

The scholarship will cover the full tuition fees for a full-time Masters programme of the students choice.

For further information on the scholarship, interested candidates can download the application pack here. The closing date for applications is Friday, June 29, 2018. Scholarship enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

Anne James