Heaslip-Backed Startup Eyes UN Lighting Challenge

UrbanVolt has committed to replacing one million lights across Irish businesses for no upfront cost, helping both businesses and the environment

An Irish start-up which includes Irish rugby star Jamie Heaslip among its backers has become the first company from the country to sign up to the UN’s Global Lighting Challenge.

The initiative, which was launched at last year’s UN Climate Conference in Paris, hopes to improve the energy efficiency of 10 billion lights around the world.

UrbanVolt, which offers Light as a Service, has committed to replacing one million lights across Irish businesses for no upfront cost.

The company retrofits lights for businesses at no initial cost – then the two parties take an equal share of the savings achieved through the switch over the course of five years. UrbanVolt says that this leads to a 50% saving in energy costs.

Jamie Heaslip commented on the firm’s involvement in the initiative:

“There has been a top-down approach and governments have tried hard to make it work, but everyone’s got be part of it. Bottom up has got to come into play and we all have to do our part.

“I think that’s why SMEs can have a massive compounding effect on sustainability and that’s why UrbanVolt are looking to help those businesses.”

Anne James