Welcome, UrbanVolt Partners

Want to meet your clients of tomorrow? UrbanVolt connects your electrical contracting business to our ever-growing list of commercial clients that need new LED lights in their warehouses, factories and office blocks.

Become an UrbanVolt Partner and you will automatically get all of our installation work in your area. Our most successful partners also offer our model to their existing client base; driving sales & increased profitability.

Innovative Alternative

Tired of wasting time and money pricing commercial lighting projects that you never get because clients don’t have the budget? We provide you an innovative alternative that makes it easy to get your client’s project approved.

We Build Relationships

UrbanVolt introduces you to great new clients every day. Our partners build long term relationships with the new clients we introduce them to, leading to continued electrical projects long after the lighting upgrade is complete.

Technology Enabled

Our LaaS technology platform delivers automated professional lighting proposals direct to clients in minutes. Do it while you are on their site. Stop wasting time creating manual proposals that are inaccurate and take forever.

Automated Payment Platform

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. We ‘free-issue’ our lights to the site and once the project is complete we pay you immediately via wire transfer. You never have to chase a client for payment again.

Join a community of like-minded companies who are doing the right thing for the planet

(and their bottom line)