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Introducing our new logo . . . 

At UrbanVolt, we’re always looking for an edge. As we continue to innovate and grow, we need to make sure that every aspect of our business reflects the outstanding job we do for our partners. That’s why we are introducing a new logo that incorporates three core themes. 

Green – our logo is simple, fresh and clean; reflecting our vision of a greener world and a better planet. That’s why our mission is to help global brands reduce energy consumption, increase profitability and become more sustainable by making clean energy solutions affordable.

Growth – our logo calls to mind an electric bolt of lightning coursing with energy. We are fully invested in the success of our partners and work non-stop to ensure they are running as efficiently as possible while saving as much money as they can. 

Goals – the summit of a mountain range represents our goals for a truly sustainable future. We want our partnerships with the world’s largest energy users to be long-lasting and fruitful in every respect. With groundbreaking technology and a mutually beneficial business model, we are your clean energy partner.

Get in touch with us today: Call +353 1 699 3340 or email [email protected]