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In early 2019, Site Management at Zimmer Biomet’s 26,000 square meter facility in Hazeldonk undertook an initiative to improve Health & Safety.

The team identified increasing light levels by upgrading to LED as a key area of opportunity. However, replacing their 529 light fixtures was a huge undertaking, from both a financial and operational perspective. The existing fittings were mounted on 12m high ceilings between narrow aisles, but their replacement could not disturb daily operations on site.

The complexity of the Hazeldonk site made it a natural fit for UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service.



UrbanVolt installed our investment-grade LED lighting out of hours over 6 nights and one weekend day (7th – 15th May).

Our pay-as-you-save subscription model avoided the huge capital expense of a lighting upgrade of its scale.

Zimmer Biomet now has significantly improved light levels throughout the Hazeldonk facility (as demonstrated in the photos below), with staff enjoying brighter and safer workspaces.

UrbanVolt will maintain the light fittings for five years, completely eradicating maintenance costs. At the end of their five year term. Zimmer Biomet will assume full ownership of the light fittings, generating cash savings for years to come.


300% – 1,700% light level increase








LED-lights (1).png

282 new LED fixtures installed

energy-efficiency (1).png

52% annual energy savings

sustainability-+-reporting (1).png

128,805 kWh annual savings

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