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Environmental Sustainability, Simplified.

UrbanVolt is helping the world’s largest energy users to rapidly reduce their carbon footprint. We work as a full solution sustainability partner for large companies, through our Sustainability as a Service model.

First, we drive as much energy efficiency as possible under the roof. Then, we look at other technologies to enable your business to become more energy independent. Every UrbanVolt service is zero cap ex and fully project managed, allowing your company to seamlessly transition to sustainability.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are essential components of the CRH business model. That’s why companies within the CRH group are already working with UrbanVolt.

CRH Case Study: EHL



EHL is a CRH company that specializes in the manufacture of concrete blocks for garden and landscaping. Their 5,150m2 manufacturing facility in Roßla, Germany was equipped with an aging and inefficient lighting system, resulting in poor light levels both inside and outside the building, a high energy spend, and a significant environmental impact.

EHL and their parent company, CRH, sought a zero cap ex lighting solution that would allow them to not only improve light levels on site, but also to see the monetary benefits from the outset. What’s more, it was vital that the lighting project did not disrupt their busy production schedules. UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service was the answer.

UrbanVolt project managed the retrofit of the entire premises with investment-grade LED lighting. The installation team worked outside production times to minimize disruption. In 9 days, 161 custom-made LED light fittings were installed outside production hours.


“UrbanVolt worked when our employees finished
work. This has been beautifully planned
and has worked smoothly.”
— Mario Loch, EHL Head of Procurement

EHL Rossla in Numbers



LED Fixtures Installed

project management

Average Lux Level Improvement


Energy Cost Reduction


97,827 kWh
Annual Energy Reduction


81 Acres of Forestry
Equivalent Annual CO₂ Reduction


Zero Hours Disruption
Out of Hours Installation


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