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Cargotec is a world leading provider of cargo and load handling solutions. They chose UrbanVolt to upgrade their manufacturing plant to energy-efficient LED light. As well as improved lighting, their lighting bill has dropped by two thirds.

The Opportunity

With a manufacturing facility of over 300,000 square feet, Cargotec’s onsite electrician was dealing with a daily nuisance: Aging and inefficient lights.

Cargotec needed a solution that would not only eliminate maintenance issues, but also help them to reduce their carbon footprint and the significant cost of lighting a facility of their size.

Finally, the project of replacing more than 800 light fittings would have to avoid disruption to production schedules and staff.

The scale and complexity of the project made Cargotec a natural fit for UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service.

The Process

UrbanVolt project managed the retrofit of the entire premises with our investment-grade LED lighting.

Cargotec now has significantly improved lighting levels throughout their facility, with staff enjoying brighter and safer workspaces.

UrbanVolt will maintain the light fittings for five years, giving back time and cash savings to operations.

At the end of their five year term, Cargotec will assume full ownership of the LED light fittings, generating cash savings for years to come.

““The installation was fully covered by UrbanVolt’s crew. Whatever needed to be done, UrbanVolt had an answer for us. They managed the whole project, end to end, with little to no disruption to our business. Life was very easy for us.””
Ronan McClorey, Energy Manager

Syncreon Urbanvolt Client

The Results

syncreon Niederaula now has significantly improved light levels, with staff enjoying brighter and safer workspaces.

Forklift drivers can easily navigate the aisles and operate hand scanners, boosting productivity on site.

Check out these before and after pictures to see the difference for yourself. The UrbanVolt LED upgrade of the syncreon Niederaula facility has resulted in an almost 70% reduction in their lighting energy spend, releasing cash flow which can be invested in other areas of the business.

Most importantly, syncreon has reduced its energy consumption by close to 70%, a hugely positive impact on the environment.

The Benefits

By upgrading their warehouse to LED, Syncreon Niederaula have reduced their energy consumption from 655,098 kWh annually, to 212,187 kWh. As you pay for every kilowatt you consume, this almost 70% reduction is great news for Syncreon’s bottom line, future-proofing their business against Germany’s high electricity rates.
Furthermore, it’s great news for the planet. The annual CO2 reduction achieved by upgrading just one Syncreon warehouse to LED lighting is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 370 acres or 150 hectares of mature forest in one year.

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