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Capex Solar Purchase

Invest & own your solar installation

UrbanVolt can now provide a solar PPA for no upfront cost or a Capex solar installation that the business can invest in & own from the outset.

Solar as a Service

Give Us Your Roof…
And We’ll Give You Clean Energy.

With UrbanVolt’s smart Solar as a Service, your business can generate 100% clean, renewable energy from your roof for no upfront investment. UrbanVolt take care of the cost, design, installation & maintenance while you enjoy the benefits of 100% renewable green power – at a lower cost than the fossil fuels we replace. Future proof your business with Solar as a Service and secure your energy independence.

UrbanVolt Protect

Safeguard your solar investment with UrbanVolt Protect. Choose our annual solar protection plan and rely on performance insights, superior service management, and a nationwide service network to keep your panels working at peak performance and efficiency.

Included in UrbanVolt Protect is:

  • Solar performance reporting
  • Annual Cleaning
  • Proactive system monitoring & access to UrbanVolt app & desktop for real time data updates
  • Intelligent issue detection
  • Parts and labor coverage
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What is 'Capex?’

‘Capex’ (short for capital expenditure) are funds used by a company to acquire or upgrade physical assets such as property, buildings, or equipment.

What's the difference between a PPA & Capex?

A Solar PPA with UrbanVolt means there is no upfront cost to the business & the customer only pays for the power they use. UrbanVolt created the as a service solar model to remove the barriers to sustainability as not every business has access to capital to invest in green initiatives. It also allows companies to invest capital in other areas that will be more profitable.

A Capex offer means companies invest in the solar installation on their roof & they own the panels & all responsibility.

Which is a better option for me?

That depends on the business.
A solar installation is an asset that will decrease in value as time goes on. By going the PPA route, you can invest the capital in other areas that will be more profitable e.g investing in new machinery.
Capex is ideal for businesses with available capital looking for asset ownership, while PPA suits those seeking lower initial costs and predictable energy pricing without the responsibility of system ownership.

How do I know which to choose?

UrbanVolt can provide both options and we factor in additional costs such as annual maintenance repairs, cleaning etc. You will be able to see both offers compared against each other and therefore make the best choice for your business.

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