Brighter ✔

Safer ✔

Faster picking ✔

Improve picking speed and health and safety by upgrading to LED with UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service.

One all inclusive monthly fee covers project management, installation and maintenance, and you save up to 80% on your energy bill.

How does it work?

With UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service model you can upgrade your facility with no money down, and no hassle. We look after every aspect of your LED upgrade from start to finish, saving you any project or maintenance headaches.


Calculate your monthly payment. We’ll get in touch to discuss your unique lighting needs.


We project-manage the delivery and installation of your new LED lights.


Enjoy improved light levels with all maintenance covered by your subscription.


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We Make It Easy

Upgrading to LED holds so many benefits for your facility. It saves money, reduces your carbon footprint, and creates a brighter, safer workplace for your employees.

The problem is, it can be a lot of work. That’s where UrbanVolt comes in. We remove all financial and operational barriers, so that you can reap the rewards without any of the headaches.

But don’t just take our word for it, ask our clients.


Instant pricing (no sales pitch)

Your LaaS™ monthly payment is calculated according to your unique lighting and industry requirements.

Answer three easy questions about your building and our calculator will show your quote and energy savings.

Quick & Easy
The record for an online quote is currently 1 min 38 secs.

Your monthly payment is all-inclusive. No hidden fees.

Online platform allows you to customize the results.

Once you have your price, you can download a custom PDF quote sheet for more information.

Once you have your price, you can download a custom PDF quote sheet for more information.



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