Why We Bring Our Dogs To Work

We get it, not everyone is a dog lover.

But if you think having dogs in the office is some sort of daft perk, you’re missing the heaps of real, tangible benefits that our furry friends bring to work. We have a few four-legged UrbanVolters who join us at the office on occasion, and it’s one of the best decisions we ever made.

Here are a few reasons you should consider having dogs in your office:

1: They are the ultimate ice breakers.

Whether it’s a candidate arriving for a job interview, an investor considering our unique Light as a Service (LaaS®) business model, or a client coming to discuss a potential project, our canine companions put a smile on their face. Small talk is a way of building a relationship, and what better small talk than a greeting from Wilson and Minnie?


We had one funny incident of a VIP arriving at our office, and their first question?

“Where’s Wilson?”

Unfortunately Wilson wasn’t in UrbanVolt HQ that day, and our VIP was very disappointed as he had told his colleague that Wilson would be joining our meeting. Disappointment aside, the ice was well and truly broken.

2: They encourage mental breaks and exercise.

We’ve had days when we are canine-free at UrbanVolt HQ. And nobody is a fan.

The UrbanVolters take collective responsibility for bringing the dogs for a walk, and it encourages us all to step away from our computers, stretch our legs, and come back refreshed.

In fact, it now feels a little odd going for a solo walk.

3: They’re the world’s best marketing tool.

We work in a really exciting space with LaaS®, helping our clients tackle climate change. We’re really proud of the work we do – but we know that lights are far from exciting in an Instagram post.

Dogs on the other hand, are great!

They’re particularly useful when it comes to choosing winners for our competitions:

4: They make us care about our office environment.

Having Wilson, Minnie and Spencer at work means pet beds, bowls, treats – and keeping anything dangerous out of their reach. This awareness of our surroundings has led us to care about making the office an enjoyable space, and little improvements like a new coffee machine and potted plants.

We all know that having a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere leads to greater staff happiness and productivity. Caring for office dogs is a great way to kick-start these improvements naturally.

5: They help us weed out candidates on culture fit.

If you say that office dogs are distracting, or that they promote an overly laid-back working environment, we’re delighted to hear that. Because you’ve just confirmed that UrbanVolt isn’t the work environment for you.

We have a casual work environment – but we also work really really hard to deliver fantastic client service. We want staff who understand that it’s possible (and preferable!) to have a friendly, flexible workplace and still achieve outstanding results.

Anne James