Think You Need LEDs? Not Always.

While we love to sign new clients, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to carry out an LED upgrade. And in those instances we advise the company exactly that.

There are many reasons why an LED project might not be right. If this is the case, we’ll usually tell you before you tell us.

These are a few of the most common reasons you should not go ahead with an LED upgrade on your site.

1. Your lighting usage and cost is already low.

LEDs are much more expensive than traditional fluorescent lighting because they are more technologically advance and they deliver long term efficiency.

They are best suited to premises which have existing high wattage lights and long operating hours, as the energy and cost saving will be dramatic. For example, a 400 watt high bay light can be replaced with a 100watt LED – and if that light is operating 24/7, the savings will be huge. For that reason, the savings on the energy bill will cover the cost of a project.

But if you have a room or area where the lights are only switched on for an hour a day, it’s not worth upgrading to LED as your consumption is already low and the savings will not cover the cost of the product and installation.

At some point in the future, you will need new lights in that low usage room and it would make more sense to wait until that point to change the fittings.

2. You want the project to generate cash savings but, in this case, it won’t.

Everyone knows that LEDs use significantly less energy, which is often the reason many want to make the switch.

But not every project will deliver net savings.

Short operating hours or existing low wattage fittings means you won’t see significant savings.

This will be demonstrated by basic maths and all good lighting providers will calculate the savings which would be generated and present the numbers to you. If significant savings are your main aim, reputable firms will advise you that you will be disappointed by the outcome.

3. You won’t be in the building for long enough to realise the benefit

Would you buy new tyres for a rental car? Of course not.

If you only have a few years left on the lease for your building or if you plan on moving in a year, you probably won’t want to sign up for UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service®. Or purchase LEDs at all for that matter.

If you purchase LEDs, it will typically take 3-4 years for them to pay for themselves.

At UrbanVolt we offer a 5 year term so that our clients enjoy a full service for that period of time. We are also paid a monthly fee across that 5 years so if you are moving premises in the short term, our service isn’t for you.

4. LEDs don’t suit your specific requirements

LEDs are perfect for reducing consumption, reducing cost and increasing light levels.

However, if you have specific requirements such as mood lighting of a certain colour temperature for a bar, or decorative-type fittings for a hotel, do your research on the LEDs on offer.

Products differ wildly and if lighting is a key part of your business offering, ensure that the provider can deliver the speciality lighting which you require.

Sarah Berney