Even the UrbanVolt Pirates Have a Privacy Policy

When we started life as a new energy services company, we had big dreams to become the energy services provider of choice for businesses.

We hoped that one day companies which were turning over billions of dollars in revenue would come knocking on our door.

Turns out that wasn’t a pipe dream and it happened sooner than we ever imagined. In just 2 short years we had a growing number of Fortune 500 clients including Pfizer, Zimmer Biomet and Habro.

But while our client base has changed and broadened as we grow internationally, the one thing which hasn’t changed is how we put our clients front and centre. Always and without exception.

And that includes our clients’ data.

We’re not fans of lengthy legal documents – as evidence by our one page Installation and Maintenance Agreement – but we do think it’s important that people know and understand why we gather data, how we store it and what we do with it.

After all, as a service company, the single most important to UrbanVolt is the trust of our clients.


UrbanVolt, the onion

To use an analogy, security at UrbanVolt is like an onion. You have to peel back one layer to reach the next, and then peel back another to go a layer further.

The first layer starts with all our devices which have above-standard security steps to ensure there is no improper access.

Multiple layers have to be pulled back and security steps followed before anyone reaches our client data.

This data is held in a secure database that is only accessible to UrbanVolt staff and not to any third parties. It is also only accessible by UrbanVolt who need to access this information.

So what client data does UrbanVolt hold?

It’s probably easier to start with what we don’t hold.

We don’t hold anything personal on any individual. Nor do we hold anything commercially sensitive.

Everything we hold is strictly linked to projects we are working on and nothing more. This is limited to:

  • Energy bills

  • Photographs of the site

  • Site plans

  • A lighting asset register

This is information which is all required to carry out data analysis so we can offer our Light as a Service.

Who can access that data?

The information supplied to us may be made available to personnel working in Urban Volt Ltd. This data is not shared with any third parties.

So how long does UrbanVolt hold the data?

We store the data securely until the client or potential clients requests us to delete it. This is due to the fact that many companies can take a very long time to decide on an energy services upgrade, or because they may carry out phased projects.

It is essential in those instances that we have access to the data as needed to put forward a business case and answer any outstanding concerns after a project has been completed.

A client wants data held by the company to be deleted, how do they do that?

They contact the individual Commercial Manager they have been dealing with or by emailing getstarted@urbanvolt.com and request that UrbanVolt delete all and any data supplied.

They will receive written confirmation that this has been done.

How do people opt out of communications?

At the bottom of every general communications we send, there is an button to unsubscribe for all future communications. This relates to general communications and not to emails sent individually.

We commit to removing people from all general communications if requested to do so and to adhering to GDPR rules.

So that’s UrbanVolt does with data. What does the company not do?

Good question. We don’t:

  • Share data with third parties

  • Sell data

  • Gather data not required to do business together

What happens if UrbanVolt changes its Privacy Policy?

If a change is made to this Privacy Policy it will be set out here to ensure that you are aware of those changes and how they may impact on you.

This privacy policy is effective from 21/05/18.

Sarah Berney