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Understanding The Grid

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The energy grid is essential to our lives and crucial for a sustainable future. Energy is needed, yet the sector produces more carbon dioxide emissions than any other industry. With the push for a renewable future free from fossil fuels, how you and your business rely on the grid will change.

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Your Weekly Sustainability News Roundup

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This week we explore new ways to build wind turbines, a report that indicates G7 nations are still committing more money to fossil fuels than renewable energy, and insider stories on how ExxonMobil tried to stage a coup before losing seats on their board to a climate action firm.

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The Revolution Against Big Oil

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This was a week big oil companies will never forget. For the first time in history, an oil company has been held liable for climate change. Two other oil companies have experienced a shareholder rebellion over their failure to set a strategy for a low-carbon future. Is this the first step of what’s to come in the renewable energy revolution?

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Why Solar Energy & LED Lighting Go Together

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Solar power and energy efficiency lighting are generally touted as two alternative solutions to our energy and environmental crises. However, rather than being in competition with one another, both renewable energy solutions combined are very beneficial for your business. The two of them working together will not only increase energy efficiency, but save money on your bills as well.

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