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UN Climate Change Report

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The UN report on climate change published on Monday indicated that carbon emissions are at a record breaking high. Continuing in the same direction will mean a temperature increase of 2C unless action is taken now.

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When Governments Fight Back

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Around the world, governments are pitting utilities companies against solar energy. Power companies threatened by the renewable energy transition are staging last ditch efforts to fight back. Amid the green energy revolution we are seeing around the world since the Paris Agreement, utility companies are standing in the way. What will happen next?

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Electricity and Gas Prices In Ireland to Increase

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For the second time this year, energy prices and gas prices are set to rise in Ireland. Electricity will rise by about 11% while gas will rise about 13%. Collectively this will add over €200 to average annual bills. This number could be even bigger for your business. Why is this happening, and can anything be done about it?

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Recapping the US Ireland Summit

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On July 1, 2021 UrbanVolt Founder and CEO Kevin Maughan spoke at the inaugural US Ireland Summit. The aim of this conference was to steer the conversation around the US and Irish political, business and economic agendas and help both Irish and American leaders capture the growing opportunities that are being fostered by stronger transatlantic relations.

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What Ireland’s Missed Climate Targets Means

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ireland will fail to meet its 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. This is already a significant blow for the country’s renewable journey and doesn’t bode well for a smooth transition to reach a 51% emissions reduction by 2030. While the current target is residential farming, businesses will soon be examined.

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Fossil Fuel Dependency

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Even after the Paris Accord, the world faces a harsh reality in that our modern way of life is too dependent on fossil fuels. Recent events have shown just how fragile this dependency really is. This dependency leaves us vulnerable for the unexpected future. When issues with fossil fuels arise, will you be panicking or prepared?

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