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From Silicon Republic | April 6, 2021 | Link to Original Article


Irish start-up UrbanVolt is set to start supplying solar energy to businesses at prices up to 30pc lower than traditional providers.

Dublin clean energy company UrbanVolt is set to start supplying clean, solar-generated electricity directly to businesses. It will finance and install solar panels on the rooftops of its customers and sell the generated electricity to them. The team, led by Kevin Maughan, Graham Deane and Declan Barrett, said it plans to charge clients up to 30pc less than traditional electricity suppliers.

According to UrbanVolt, traditional providers typically charge between 15 and 20 cent per kilowatt hour. UrbanVolt said it expects to charge companies as little as 10 cent for the same. It will also guarantee the same price for 25 years, which it said will “protect businesses against rising energy costs for decades to come”.

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