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Want to learn exactly how an UrbanVolt Light as a Service project works? This is the article for you.

UrbanVolt’s unique Light as a Service offering includes every aspect of your upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting, from start to finish. That’s capital investment, project management, supply and installation, all the way through to maintenance of the newly installed fittings. To put it simply: we look after everything, so you don’t have to.


Data-Driven Decisions

Once your company expresses interest in UrbanVolt’s service, your sites will be analyzed using our data-driven platform. Information will be collected on the type and number of lights required, operating hours, and current kWh expenditure. A custom business case will then be presented showcasing a detailed and accurate forecast of the carbon and cost reductions achievable across the company’s portfolio of sites. This arms you with the data you need to make an informed decision on where to direct your company’s sustainability efforts first, to get the biggest bang for your buck.

The more people involved in these initial discussions, the better. Important stakeholders such as the Facility Manager, your CFO and anyone representing environmental impacts should all have an understanding where your company is and where it needs to be with regards to sustainability. When it comes to sustainability projects, pace is essential. Your company needs to take real action now, to safeguard the future of the business. The more key stakeholders engaged in the discussion, the more questions that are answered. This means we won’t hit any roadblocks later on in the process, and your company can get started on its journey to sustainability.

Let’s Get Started

Once our simple one page Agreement is signed, UrbanVolt will commence the Pre-Installation Survey, analyzing the sites in question to ensure seamless, disruption-free projects.

We’ll record required light levels and suitability for additional lighting controls (to maximise energy reductions), before creating a site-specific lighting design. We ensure that all light levels reach mandated industry standards, creating a safe and productive working environment for your employees.

An installation plan will be created and we will tour the site with an electrician to identify any more complicated installation areas. Our Project Managers will work alongside on-site personnel to create a schedule to work around your company’s shifts, limiting disruption to core business operations.

The light fixtures are shipped directly to your facility. Our lighting manufacturers are based in Europe and North America, so regardless of your site’s location, the fittings will never have to travel too far. This is one of the ways in which we keep the carbon footprint and the cost of your project low.

The Installation Begins

The installation begins, overseen by our Project Managers. You can remain focused on your core business – your lighting project is in expert hands.

We hire the best contractors from the local area for every project. This enables us to keep costs low, support the local economy, and ensure your LED upgrade is completed by electricians with knowledge of local restrictions and regulations.

As per the installation plan, the installation team works around your company’s shifts to minimize disruption to daily operations.


A Hassle-Free Upgrade

Once the installation is complete, “After” photographs and measurements of the improved light levels are taken and the old lighting is recycled. All final checks are made and the Installation Commissioning Document is signed.

Your facility has been transformed into a brighter, happier and more productive place to work. Your energy consumption has been immediately and permanently reduced, resulting in a corresponding drop in your energy costs.

And the best bit? It hasn’t cost you a cent.

That’s right. Our service requires zero upfront capital investment. You don’t pay anything until the project is complete.

Any maintenance required over the course of our Agreement is covered by one all-inclusive monthly payment, commencing one month after the project concludes.This eliminates your existing costs of maintaining and replacing defective lights.

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Some companies choose to wait for laws and regulations to be implemented before acting on carbon reduction methods, however, these organizations will lose out on the competitive advantage. Carbon neutral is a serious commitment for a business, many facets of the business have to be analyzed and updated for it to be successful, and expenses like lighting are no exception. While lighting might seem like a basic necessity and a hassle, UrbanVolt does its best to remove that from the equation. Companies investing in Light as a Service realize that the future is now to gain a competitive advantage over competitors who wait around to reduce expenses and carbon.

Ready to start your journey to sustainability, or have a question that this hasn’t answered? Fill in the form below and an UrbanVolter will be in touch with you within 24 hours.