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“This new system saves as much energy in just one year as it takes to drive an average family car around the entire world almost three times.”

Barry O’Keeffe, HEINEKEN Ireland

Barry O’Keeffe, HEINEKEN Ireland

The Utilities Lead and Site Energy Champion for HEINEKEN Ireland, Barry O’Keeffe, has written of the dramatic difference upgrading LED lighting with UrbanVolt has made to their headquarters in Cork.

The installation of energy efficient LED light fixtures was completed in 2018 by UrbanVolt, and has already saved energy equating to that consumed by an average family car travelling around the world almost three times.

Beyond this “truly significant energy saving”, the UrbanVolt project has made HEINEKEN Ireland a safer and happier working environment as all areas of the facility are well-lit and easier to navigate.

UrbanVolt are delighted to have helped HEINEKEN Ireland to achieve a 58% reduction in carbon emissions, and we look forward to see the savings they continue to make in years to come.

Read Barry’s blog post on the HEINEKEN Ireland website here.