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Your warehouses are costing you too much money. Making them more energy efficient can reduce costs by 70%.

Despite companies’ increased focus on energy efficiency, the environmental impact of the warehousing sector seems to have been relatively ignored to date — a baffling reality when you consider the benefits to be achieved by reducing the energy consumption of warehouses.

By their very definition, warehouses are merely a stop along the way in the process of delivering goods from producer to consumer. By storing goods until they’re needed, they create time utility, but beyond this they add little monetary value to the supply chain. Rather than making you money, warehouses are a huge (albeit necessary) dent in your balance sheet.

As a result, reducing the energy use of warehouses makes perfect business sense. They’re not adding monetary value to your business, so you should be avoiding over-expenditure where possible. Not only does energy reduction save money (providing some sort of compensation for the expense they create), but it also enhances corporate reputation, and helps to combat climate change.

When looking for areas to reduce energy consumption in the warehousing sector, upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting is the natural first step. Lighting accounts for up to 95% of energy use in warehouses, largely owing to the fact the many are equipped with outdated metal halide and fluorescent light fittings. By switching these archaic energy-guzzlers for LED, warehouses can avail of a multitude of benefits.

Upgrading a warehouse to LED can reduce costs by a whopping 70%. Minimising overheads is key to maintaining profitability, and ensuring that energy costs are as low as possible is obviously very beneficial to a company’s bottom line. The longer lifespan of LED fittings results in reduced maintenance costs, and their reduced heat gain means there is less of a requirement for expensive cooling solutions. As you can see, implementing this one change can save you money all around.

However, there are some barriers to completing a large-scale LED upgrade, from both a financial and operational perspective. Buying hundreds of LED fixtures and paying for their installation can incur a huge upfront capital expense, as well as being incredibly time-consuming. Yeah the benefits are great, but it’s no easy feat.

Luckily, UrbanVolt provides the perfect solution to unlock these benefits. With UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service, you get an upgraded facility for no money down. One all-inclusive monthly payment covers the supply, installation, maintenance and insurance of energy efficient LED lighting for your warehouse. Each UrbanVolt lighting upgrade includes full project management, and as we are specialists in lighting up the logistics and warehousing sector, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

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