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Zimmer Biomet

The Client:

Zimmer Biomet (NYSE: ZBH) is a global leader in musculoskeletal healthcare. Operating in more than 25 countries worldwide, it has sites in Galway and Shannon.

The energy consumption for lighting in Shannon was a major, but addressable issue. High-wattage fittings were on almost 24/7, resulting in significant energy consumption and cost.

It was identified that LED would drastically reduce both energy draw and cost. As a medical device manufacturer, the company also has to adhere to strict requirements in terms of lux levels, as well as meet stringent health and safety requirements.

The Solution:

Zimmer Biomet approached UrbanVolt to carry out the project as it identified our Light as a Service as being the answer to all its financial, lighting and operational requirements.

The installation was fully project managed by UrbanVolt, causing no disruption to the ongoing operation. The UrbanVolt LED fittings significantly reduced the wattage draw, delivering a corresponding reduction in energy cost.

The LUX levels were boosted throughout the work floor, making the environment brighter and safer.

The project on the specialist site was carried out with no capital requirement from Zimmer Biomet, while also delivering a significant net saving on the lighting bill.