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The Client:

Pipelife Ireland has been producing quality goods for the plumbing, construction and agricultural sectors for over 45 years. Based in Whites Cross, Cork, the operational hours are 24hours, five days a week. The company decided to look at their lighting system because it had evolved over the years, and there was little consistency in lighting levels across the plant. As described by staff, there were some dark spots, and a number of the fittings were very inefficient.

The Solution:

Sustainability is a key driver for management, along with reducing wastage and energy consumption. As part of a lighting improvement project, LED lighting was deemed to be the best option. Capital expenditure was a concern to Pipelife and UrbanVolt’s business model made the most sense because there is no upfront cost involved. UrbanVolt carried out the entire LED lighting retrofit, reducing the number of fittings, improving the lighting levels, and cutting costs. The original 150 fixtures were reduced to just over 100. At the same time the lighting levels significantly increased due to the increased lux levels and quality of the fittings. Energy usage also dropped from 400kWh to 150kWh. In addition, there are now no maintenance issues as UrbanVolt will maintain the fittings for duration of the five year agreement.