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The Client:

Bikeworld, situated in their recognisable glass-front showroom on the Long Mile Road, Dublin, are the Irish supplier of Kawasaki motorbikes. They also offer a huge range of biking apparel and accessories.

Some areas of the showrooms were dark and the lights were failing. It was also costing the company a considerable sum to run the old high-wattage florescents. The window lights in particular were proving a high draw on electricity as they were lit at night in order to showcase the bikes.

The Solution:

Using UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service®, Bikeworld was retrofitted with almost 400 fittings across the site including the public showroom, storage areas, back of house and the offices. The UrbanVolt team installed the lighting outside of opening hours so as not to affect day to day operations.

Light quality has been drastically improved and energy consumption has plummeted. The bikes and gear are now under lighting which highlights their quality and Bikeworld reduced the lighting bill without making any capital expenditure.

Check out the difference for yourself


Before & After