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What is UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service® and Solar as a Service?

Remember when Software as a Service (SaaS) revolutionised the technology industry?

Not so long ago you had to pay upfront for software. But then along came SaaS, which turned everything on its head and turned software from a product into a service.

Now it would be ludicrous to suggest paying upfront to purchase software - instead you pay a monthly fee to use the service.

That's exactly what UrbanVolt is doing with the energy industry - we are converting all energy efficiency products into services and helping to permanently cut consumption.

In fact, our goal is to completely remove 1 in 5 UrbanVolt clients from the grid within the next 5 years.

A bold claim?

Yes. Is it achievable? Absolutely.

We’re helping the UrbanVolters do this by bringing them through the UrbanVolt Energy Technology Roadmap - LED Lighting, Solar PV and Battery Storage.

What is UrbanVolt Energy Technology Roadmap?

So how exactly does it work?

The first thing we do is understand your energy consumption. How much money are you spending every year and what are the major draws on electricity?

Using data analysis, we quantify exactly how much energy is being used on site every year, and we then isolate the lighting costs.

Why lighting? Because while there are much sexier topics than lights, the fact is that before you start looking at creating energy, you must reduce your current consumption. And the quickest and easiest way to do that is via LED lighting. LED technology is the low hanging fruit thanks to the 75%+ drop in energy consumption they deliver.

The hurdle to date has been the capital cost - and the time required to shop around and then project manage an installation.

UrbanVolt's Light as a Service® solves the hurdles and hassles of an LED upgrade as we supply the product, project manage the installation, and maintain the LED fittings for 5 years. We are paid a monthly service fee from the savings generated, and we typically also deliver a net cash savings of 50%+

How it works

How do we share the savings?

Your energy cost today
Savings we create
Your savings

Once consumption has dropped via the LED lighting, the first step on the UrbanVolt Energy Technology Roadmap is complete.

Not only are your bills lower, you can enjoy an upgraded premises just like these UrbanVolt clients.

So what’s next?

Once the LED lighting project is complete, the opportunity exists to produce energy on site.

This can be done via UrbanVolt’s Solar as a Service - or SOLaaS.

SOLaaS operates under the same UrbanVolt ‘as a service’ model where UrbanVolt puts up all the capital, project manages the installation of the Solar PV, and maintains the technology.

And with UrbanVolt there is none of this rubbish of being locked into a 25 year lease. We operate a 7 year partnership with our clients for our SOLaaS.

Every site will be different as every building is unique, but it all starts with the data analysis - roof size, orientation, current energy bill etc. Our data analysis will tell us what we can deliver and the energy reduction our clients can expect.

We are currently working with UrbanVolters who have taken the first step on the Energy Technology Roadmap and have benefited from our Light as a Service. Now that their energy consumption has dropped, it makes sense to examine Solar PV.

Battery storage will shortly be the next - and final - step to removing many UrbanVolters from the grid. This means that the UrbanVolters have not only reduced their consumption (via UrbanVolt’s LEDs), but they are now further reducing their costs by generating their own energy (via UrbanVolt’s solar PV).

So why would you bother following the UrbanVolt Energy Technology Roadmap?

What's in it for you

As well as an energy efficiency upgrade...

Save Money

  1. No upfront cost for you - we make all the investment
  2. Keep your hard earned cash to invest in your core business
  3. You only pay as the savings occur on a monthly basis

Save Time

  1. No managing a messy project and chasing electricians
  2. Immediate increases in productivity (more valuable than you think)
  3. No maintenance headaches for up to 10 years

In order to deliver all the above, the only thing we ask for are copies of energy bills, and accurate information about the site such as operating hours.

Seriously, that’s it.

Who else would offer to invest in your business, reduce your operating costs, and deliver an LED lighting upgrade and solar PV? All at the same time.

Using the supplied information, we do everything in order to deliver Light as a Service and Solar as a Service. So you don't have to negotiate with your bank manager, get involved in a capital battle with your board to allocate funding, "shop around" for LED lights or solar PV, or project manage a team of electricians and installers.

Putting up the money and dealing with all the hassle is our job - all you have to do is engage with us through these steps in order to unlock your cash savings.

So get in touch - it costs nothing to talk.

Why is this different?

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