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Frequently Asked Questions

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Installation and post-installation

How quickly can you carry out the LED retrofit?

From signing up to our Light as a Service to the start of the LED installation takes around 6 weeks.

When the client signs our Agreement, we then order the product required for that particular site.

During the 6 week period we install samples to ensure our clients are happy with the fittings and lux levels. We also carry out a pre-installation survey and agree a project management plan.

While we can carry out LED projects in a shorter time frame if required, this gives everyone time to plan the installation and ensure there will be no disruption to business operations on site.

How quickly can you carry out the solar PV installation?

From signing an agreement, we can carry out an installation within 8 weeks.

Can my own electrician carry out the LED installation?

We use and recommend a number of highly skilled contractors.

These are our preferred partners but we are happy to discuss using an electrician of your choice if they are fully insured and certified.

If an LED light or solar PV panel fails, what do I do?

You call UrbanVolt and we will come and replace the LED light or the solar PV panel.

Under our no haggle warranty we replace the faulty equipment with no questions asked and no arguments about the cause of the failure.

If we fail to replace the fitting within 30 days, our client can pause payment.

Who owns the technology at the end of the agreement?

Our clients.

We transfer full title of the LED lights and solar PV to our clients at the end of the five years.

There are no buy-out clauses or hidden charges - the ownership title simply transfers from UrbanVolt to our client.

What about ongoing maintenance at the end of the term?

We are happy to continue to maintain and replace the LED fittings and solar PV at the end of the initial agreement term.

We agree an ongoing maintenance fee with our clients for a term of their choice.

The fee is a fraction of the previous monthly fee and is calculated on a project by project basis.