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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is UrbanVolt?

UrbanVolt is an energy services provider which helps businesses to cut their energy consumption and costs, and increase their cash flow.

We do this via our unique zero capex Light as a Service and Solar as a Service offerings.

What is the UrbanVolt Energy Technology Roadmap?

It is the means by which we will help remove 1 in 5 of our clients from the energy grid.

The UrbanVolt Energy Technology Roadmap involves first reducing energy consumption via LED lighting technology. The second step is to then generate energy via solar PV technology with our unique Solar as a Service. The final step is the storage into batteries of the excess energy which is generated.

Reduce, generate, store.

What is UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service®?

Businesses which need new lights often don't have the time or money to upgrade to LEDs.

So we deliver the full LED upgrade via our Light as a Service.

What this means is that we take care of every aspect of an LED lighting project - the upfront cost, the project management, the installation of the LEDs, and the ongoing maintenance of the LED light fittings for 5 years.

As well as a fully upgraded site, we deliver our clients an immediate increase in cash flow and we are paid a proportion of these cash savings. At the end of the 5 years our clients own the LED lights and keep all the savings.

What is Solar as a Service (SOLaaS)?

SOLaaS works on the same ‘as a service’ model as UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service.

We will make the capital investment, project manage the installation of solar PV on our client's roof, and we maintain the solar panels for the duration of the agreement.

We are then paid a monthly fee for 7 years after which our clients own the solar PV technology and continue to enjoy the benefits of the energy which is generated.

What exactly is included in UrbanVolt’s Light as a Service®?

Every aspect of an LED lighting upgrade from the product to the replacement of fittings.

We make all the capital investment, we project manage the installation and we maintain the lighting for 5 years.

Apart from providing us with information and meeting with us, our clients don’t have to invest any time or money into an LED upgrade.

And they also get to enjoy fully serviced LED lights for the duration of the term.

One call to us about a failed LED fitting and we come out and replace it with a completely new fitting, no haggles.

Our service gives our clients time to focus on their business as well as enjoy increased cash flow and improved lighting.

How is this different to purchasing LED lights or solar PV?

It’s all about the cost and the risk.

Purchasing the LED technology would involve putting up the capital, and also taking on the risk of ownership.

You would be responsible for the project management and installation of the LED lighting upgrade, as well as the ongoing maintenance of the equipment.

Aren’t there lots of companies offering Light as a Service®?

There are lots of companies claiming to offer Light as a Service.

But we have yet to find another company who is offering a risk free zero capex way of upgrading your site to LED lighting.

If you are paying interest it is not Light as a Service, it is financed lighting.

Are there other companies offering SOLaaS?

No, there are currently no other companies offering Solar as a Service for commercial premises.

So, how does UrbanVolt make money?

We are paid a monthly service fee.

With Light as a Service, we are paid a proportion of the savings generated by the LED lights for 5 years. This fee is calculated and agreed in advance and is fixed for the duration of the 5 year agreement, giving you greater control and surety over your energy costs in the medium term.

It is calculated on a project by project basis and is determined by the number and type of LED lights installed, the project management, the installation, the maintenance, the Munich Re insurance and our margins.

With SOLaaS, UrbanVolt is also paid a monthly fee for 7 years. This fee is also project specific and is determined by the number and type of solar PV panels, the project management, the installation, the maintenance, the Munich Re insurance and our margins.

This sounds too good to be true?

Funnily enough, you're not the first one to think that!

It’s not - but you don’t need to believe us. Check out our client testimonials here.

The fact is, the savings from our technology are so good that we are willing to make the entire investment for a proportion of the cash savings generated by our LED and solar PV technology.

Who are your partners?

We are the preferred lighting provider for Bord Gáis Energy and their 33,000+ business customers.

SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund have committed €30million to fund UrbanVolt projects and Munich Re, the largest re-insurance company in Europe, insures our products and clients.

We’ve covered everything because we want to make everything easy for our clients.