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The Crew's Log

aka The CLog

We don't do boring. So the UrbanVolters write about a lot more than just energy efficiency.

We launched this CLog because our clients wanted to know more - and not just about UrbanVolt or the service we offer, but about business, strategy and entrepreneurship.

Why did we title it CLog instead of Blog? Because it's an abbreviation of the Crew's Log - and we like to stamp a little bit of UrbanVolt personality on everything we do. Happy reading!


Why choosing your company name is one of the most important strategic decisions you will make

Your company name can support you in your bid to go global - or it can stop you from expanding beyond your region.


Why you need to turn your Product into a Service

What would happen to your business if your competitors suddenly started giving away their products for free? Do you have a plan of how you would deal with this scenario?


Do you want to save the polar bears or cash?

There are many different reasons to carry out an LED retrofit - and a handful of reasons not to.