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The Crew's Log

aka The CLog

We don't do boring. So the UrbanVolters write about a lot more than just energy efficiency.

We launched this CLog because our clients wanted to know more - and not just about UrbanVolt or the service we offer, but about business, strategy and entrepreneurship.

Why did we title it CLog instead of Blog? Because it's an abbreviation of the Crew's Log - and we like to stamp a little bit of UrbanVolt personality on everything we do. Happy reading!


10 Fascinating Facts you probably didn’t know about UrbanVolt

When UrbanVolt first launched, there were some raised eyebrows and giggles from those in the energy industry. Who were these people who had never worked in the sector before?


Even the UrbanVolt Pirates have a Privacy Policy

When we started life as a new energy services company, we had big dreams to become the energy services provider of choice for businesses.


Why we don’t read any resume which is longer than 1 page

"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead", Mark Twain