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The Crew's Log

aka The CLog

We don't do boring. So the UrbanVolters write about a lot more than just energy efficiency.

We launched this CLog because our clients wanted to know more - and not just about UrbanVolt or the service we offer, but about business, strategy and entrepreneurship.

Why did we title it CLog instead of Blog? Because it's an abbreviation of the Crew's Log - and we like to stamp a little bit of UrbanVolt personality on everything we do. Happy reading!


The 3 crucial skills every salesperson needs

Every job ad lists a variety of functions of the vacant role.


Why choosing your company name is one of the most important strategic decisions you will make

Your company name can support you in your bid to go global - or it can stop you from expanding beyond your region.


Six reasons why people have stopped buying products

Why would anyone buy a product when they can have all the benefits with none of the risk?


It’s the economy, stupid! Linear, circular, sharing, repeat

A more sustainable economic model is evolving, the same one that evolved millenia ago


Why renewables won’t solve our energy problems

Renewable energy is a popular topic. Solar, wind farms, tidal energy, battery storage – they’re all very real and very popular, technologies.


10 Fascinating Facts you probably didn’t know about UrbanVolt

When UrbanVolt first launched, there were some raised eyebrows and giggles from those in the energy industry. Who were these people who had never worked in the sector before?

LED lighting

What is Light as a Service and how it does it work?

Remember the daft old days when businesses purchased computer hardware?


Why you need to turn your Product into a Service

What would happen to your business if your competitors suddenly started giving away their products for free? Do you have a plan of how you would deal with this scenario?


Even the UrbanVolt Pirates have a Privacy Policy

When we started life as a new energy services company, we had big dreams to become the energy services provider of choice for businesses.

LED lighting

The difference between financed lighting and Light as a Service

We love this quote because it reminds us of the imitators in the market who claim to be offering Light as a Service.


Is honesty the best policy in sales?

In short, yes. And if integrity isn’t enough to convince you, money should be.

LED lighting

What happens if I don't see the savings from my LED lights?

This is the questions we get asked most often at UrbanVolt.


Why we don’t read any resume which is longer than 1 page

"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead", Mark Twain

LED lighting

Think you need LEDs? Not always - these are times when the best thing to do is work with what you have

While we love to sign new clients, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to carry out an LED upgrade. And in those instances we advise the company exactly that.


Do you want to save the polar bears or cash?

There are many different reasons to carry out an LED retrofit - and a handful of reasons not to.

LED lighting

Lumen, lux, wattage and kelvin - what are they and why does it matter?

Lumen, lux, wattage and kelvin are potentially the terms most misunderstood by first time LED lighting buyers.

LED lighting

Why this high bay is just £12: It could kill you

Ever received an email offering unbelievable deals on high-performing lighting? We have. And with international safety certifications, long warranties and a stupidly-low price, who could resist a bargain?

LED lighting

When is an LED warranty not a warranty? When it's a get-out clause

If you’ve gotten this far in life without hitting a stumbling block when trying make a warranty claim, then you’re one of the lucky ones.

LED lighting

Why companies are coming to us for help after retrofitting LED tubes

We don’t usually start a post with a warning but in this case it’s necessary.